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Russians want to administrate this web site

This is a little on the funny side, or maybe a reason to be concerned - your pick. I received an email from my web hosting company today - - that someone had requested my bluehost account information.
This information allows the user to ftp into and modify files, the database etc etc

The request originated from IP number
Take a look at

Yes, the person who is interested in my web site 'root password' is sitting in Moscow, Russian Federation and his/ her ISP is "ZAO MTU-INTEL".

I wonder, what would my Russian friends do if they receive the site's login information? Will they help organize threads, clean up spam or maybe add some new functionality to this site? I would be grateful. "Hello out there, if you want to help, just drop a comment here".

Just in case, I updated my password.

My web host's email is shown below.

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