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How to uninstall Crystalys media - cm.dll creates popup windows

I found my computer to have slowed down real bad, and no surprise, popups had come back.
I looked in folder \Program Files and sure enough found a new folder named Crystalys media there. (The trick is to look for new folders by sorting by time.)

You can see the contents of that folder in the grey box below.

At first I tried to delete the folder c:\program files\Crystalys media directly.
It deleted all files in there except file cm.dll which was in use.
Rename the file from cm.dll to junk.dll - we will delete it at a later time.
It turns out that this cm.dll is a BHO (Browser Helper Object) registered with Internet Explorer. I started the registry editor (start button, click on "Run", type "Regedit" and hit enter) and did a search for cm.dll.

I found it to be here:
and deleted the whole branch. Before you delete, make sure you really found cm.dll, and not some other file ending in cm.dll e.g. Outlook's "outlcm.dll". Hit F3 to repeat the search - there will be at least 3 more places referencing file C:\Program Files\Crystalys media\CM.DLL

You should also search for the rather unique folder name Crystalys instead.
This will find one more location in the registry - to keep it clean, delete that branch also.

Just for the fun of it, you could also run the 'uninstall' through the control panel- this little pest does have an entry there but I did not even try to find out how effective this part is.

Then restart your system and delete the folder afterwards.

C:\Program Files\Crystalys media>dir
  Volume in drive C has no label.
  Volume Serial Number is 6CFA-E5D0
  Directory of C:\Program Files\Crystalys media
 01/26/2006  11:12p      <DIR>          .
 01/26/2006  11:12p      <DIR>          ..
 01/05/2006  10:45a           1,048,576 adsdisableddoms.db
 01/05/2006  10:45a           1,048,576 bldoms.db
 01/05/2006  10:45a           1,048,576 blenableddoms.db
 01/05/2006  10:45a           1,048,576 blipranges.db
 01/05/2006  10:45a           1,048,576 blips.db
 01/26/2006  11:12p             471,040 cm.dll
 01/26/2006  11:12p             288,768 cm.exe
 01/26/2006  11:12p                  85 Crystalys Media home page.url
 01/26/2006  11:12p              65,536 kc.db
 01/26/2006  11:12p              65,536 kcntxt.db
 01/26/2006  11:12p           1,048,576 km.db
 01/26/2006  11:12p              65,536 swc.db
 01/26/2006  11:12p           1,048,576 swm.db
 01/05/2006  10:45a           1,048,576 wa.db
               14 File(s)      9,345,109 bytes
                2 Dir(s)   3,123,735,552 bytes free
 C:\Program Files\Crystalys media>

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